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The real estate sector is vital to the UK economy and our multi-disciplinary team has a deep understanding of the industry. We advise lenders, borrowers, developers and investors on all matters throughout the real estate asset life cycle, as well as those who occupy the properties they create.  

Our large and experienced team advises occupiers, developers and investors in the fast-moving real estate sector.

Real Estate assets are integral to the places where we live, work and play. The development, financing, investment and letting of property make it one of the UK's largest sectors. But it is subject to a number of influences, making it a barometer for the UK economy. The rapidly changing face of the high street, the adoption of new technology and the relentless demand for new housing make for a demanding pace of change for such an established asset class.

In the real estate world, the success of your business depends on the success of each transaction. So you’ll always have an expert team behind you that’s easy to deal with and who will work together to efficiently manage all elements of your project.

People who are immersed in the market, who spend every day working with occupiers, developers, investors and entrepreneurs in both the residential and commercial sectors, can connect you with the right people to make the most of every opportunity and move the deal to a successful conclusion.

Our real estate team – one of the largest and most experienced in the UK – will give you clear, timely, straightforward advice in language you understand across every discipline. From planning, investment and construction to tax, portfolio management and litigation. We’ve seen and done it all.

We produce creative ways of approaching deals and bringing your transactions to a successful conclusion with the maximum speed and minimum hassle. Finding the best way to get you quickly and easily from where you are to where you want to be.


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Building with blue sky.

Coronavirus and Real Estate

Coronavirus and Real Estate

The Coronavirus pandemic will continue to affect people, businesses and economies across the globe. 

The knock-on effect of Government guidance shutting down sectors within real estate for a significant period of time means that businesses are now fighting to remain afloat, agile and up to speed on changing regulation.

Coronavirus and Real Estate


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