Rosie Graham is a professional support lawyer with many years' experience advising on corporate law and regulation, as well as corporate knowledge management.  Her role includes training, know-how, and promoting use of legal tech.

Rosie focuses on providing technical advice and support for clients on corporate law and regulation. 

She organises and participates in delivering a wide range of legal training for the Corporate team and its clients. She also promotes the use of online legal resources and  legal tech, and of our own precedents  and know-how, helping our lawyers to "think smart".

She advises on a wide range of corporate legal and governance issues, particularly focusing on directors' duties and the UK corporate governance framework.  She has over  20 years' experience of corporate knowledge management, professional support and training and using know-how in business development. 

Did you know
Rosie is a keen (if slow) runner, a disability rights activist, and a Spurs fan.


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